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Make Your Kids’ Smiles Sparkle with Pediatric Dentistry in Phoenix, AZ

Bring your children to North Phoenix Pediatric Dentistry to get them started with a lifetime of good oral hygiene. We believe that children who learn good dental health skills become adults with healthy teeth. That’s why we do everything we can to make dentist appointments positive experiences for your children.

Meet Our Dentist

Dr. William J. Heimann has practiced dentistry for over 30 years, and he’s focused on pediatric dentistry for a majority of that time. Dr. Heimann is a board-certified pediatric dentist. He provides dentistry services to children of all ages—from the day they cut their first tooth until the day they head off to college.

Dr. Heimann provides needed dental services for children during their appointments. Children should have a dental checkup every six months. At a typical appointment, you child will receive the following services:

  • Administration of sealants (if necessary)
  • An oral exam to identify tooth decay (cavities)
  • Any needed treatment (fillings, teeth pulling, etc.)
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Review of proper oral hygiene habits
  • X-rays (given once a year or as needed)

At North Phoenix Pediatric Dentistry, we take your child’s oral health seriously. Our goal is to make your child feel comfortable visiting the dentist so he or she can develop good dental habits early.

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